It's weird to think about but, lately i have been. about all the things i have done and everything i have been through and i think i can say i have come a very far way. it's so strange because growing up going through what i went through you would think that i should have so much resentment towards some people but I've come to an agreement with my self and im okay with everything, in fact i am so grateful for all of it. because in the past i may have let everything brake me, and best believe at times i never knew how i would get these shattered pieces back together and i never did get them all back, but i have gotten back all the most important ones, and those little pieces of me that i let go, they were the weakest parts of me. The parts that after holding on to for so long that i finally learned it was time to set them free.and that is what has made me. and i think that now i can consider myself somewhat a stronger person because i can let it all go and move on. and i know in my heart i have not all the way moved on and i never will forget but i have finally let myself become happy again,and to the places and the people i have left those other pieces of me, i hope in my heart that they don't take them for granted because all though they were my weaknesses, inside of those little pieces were also some of the good; where i'm from, a first love, a small innocent young girl all lie with in them. these are all the things that made me into the person i am today, an i will never forget but i have put them behind me because for so many years i felt alone and i just knew to let everything go was to live and now that i have doe this i learned to accept me for me "And I think i like who i'm becoming"